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One Share in a Company They Love

The recipient becomes a real shareholder entitled to all  perks and gets the stock certificate.  140+ world famous companies to choose from.

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Personal Fine Art from a Photo

Just upload a photo, pick an art style (oil, watercolor, sketch etc.) and our talented artists create fine art for the home or office. People, pets, houses, cars & more.

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Custom Caricatures from a Photo

Eric Jones and his talented team at Eric Jones Studios capture likeness, interests and quirks in a truly comical and artistic way.

paper portrait dog
Starbucks Stocks Frame
Black Frame Caricature Retirement

Gift Ideas For All Occasions and Any Recipient

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, Christmas, or any other gift giving occasion, look no further!

  • Create a new shareholder by giving a share of stock in a company they love! Imagine giving a child the gift of Disney, new homeowners a gift of Home Depot, or the sports fan a gift of Manchester United – the possibilities are endless, and the recipient becomes an actual shareholder of real stock. See all our great gift ideas at GiveAshare.com!
  • Looking for a special gift to commemorate an occasion like a new home, a beloved pet, or a favorite car? We make it easy to get a hand-drawn / hand-painted portrait from your (or their) favorite photo. Our skilled artists will create a stunning, signed masterpiece at GiveAmasterpiece.com!
  • Capture sentimental memories, interests and quirks, by giving the gift of a hand drawn caricature! The artist team at Eric Jones Studios can create a custom caricature in any scene you describe. Their caricatures make a great milestone event or retirement gift. See the creative examples at GiveAcaricature.com!